TMP Inflatables are ideal for all types of events- on the water, in the city, at a festival site, or on company premises. Whether it’s meant as background decor, as a front-line unit during the event, or simply to attract the general public, an inflatable scores every time. They’re ideal for a fast, easy, inexpensive way to dress up an event; most inflatables can be installed in minutes with only 1-3 people. They are also small enough to transport without taking up much space. The material is durable; with proper care, your inflatable will last for years. And lets not forget the originality factor! There’s ample space to get creative with products that range from 2 to 20 meters high. TMP also offers set-up, maintenance and storage of your units if it’s needed.

Some examples of our inflatable products that work for events are balloons, arches, crowd balls, giant animals or characters, helium objects, inflated tents, giant product replicas, publistix, skytubes, inflatable play structures, stands and kiosks, tents, helium blimps and pillars