Air Shelters

This inflatable unit serves to shelter large objects for on-site repairs and maintenance that’s being carried out. The space is virtually dust-proof and has large windows for maximum visibility and lighting. The air shelter is an airtight structure that can be pressurized by any pressure pump, which ensures that the pressure always remains high. If privacy is a concern, all window panels in the tunnel can be covered.

Drop Stitch

The official drop stitch material is applicable in many industrial products. This durable material is made up of thousands of wires attached to coated nylon, which joins both sides together, creating a strong, hard surface when it’s pressurized. It also has an insulating effect. It can be produced in various thicknesses and shapes, so it can be used for things like gymnastics or ballet floor mats, separation or presentation dividers, inflatables for the water, and other applications for your industry.

Insulating Cover

The Insulating Cover is an inflatable that’s made of our Drop Stitch material, which is made up of thousands of wires attached to coated nylon, joining both sides together to create a strong, hard surface when fully pressurized. Because the material is air-tight, there is also a strong insulating effect. The cover is finished on all sides with a special insulating and extra durable bisonyl PVC cloth, so all goods that require temporary chilling or heating can be easily transported.