Inflatable advertising is an excellent way to draw the attention of your audience outdoors, and is made especially easy with their striking appearance and large size- the height of these outdoor inflatables can vary from 2 to 20 meters! Despite their enormous size, inflatables are not at all expensive, and easier to use than you might think. Installation and tear-down is quick and easy, and the deflated size is small and makes transportation and storage effortless. They’re also very durable, and with the right care, will last for years. It’s a fail-proof, inexpensive way to promote your store, brand, event or product, either on the ground or from the air, for both short and long term promotions. TMP effortlessly increases your product’s visibility- the possibilities are endless.

Some good outdoor-related examples are balloons, arches, buoys, giant animals or characters, helium objects, inflatable suits, polyester or hard-body plastic product replicas, giant product replicas, rooftop balloons, skytubes, spheres, inflatable play structures, stands or kiosks, pillars, and aerial advertising blimps.