Frequently Asked Questions

When you are interested in a giant inflatable for an event, TMP understands that you will have then some questions. We are the experts! Below you will find a list of the most commonly asked questions:

What is the maximum wind speed that an inflatable can handle?

This very much depends on the shape of the inflatable. Some can handle force 7 while others (the tallest ones) need to come down at force 4. We can provide you with further advice if you need it.

Do I need a permit to install an inflatable?

Most of the time it is not required, however, it is best to check with the local municipality as rules are different for every region.

Is a blower noisy?

TMP uses blowers that are low in dBA so that noise is hardly ever an issue, however, for the really big inflatables we need to employ a big blower and the dBA will be higher. If noise is an issue for you please contact one of our staff for more information.

When there is a rip in the inflatable does it need to go back to TMP?

Small rips can be repaired by the clients themselves, as every inflatable comes with a repair kit. For bigger rips, we can help arrange for repairs.

When I provide a Pantone colour(s), will it be 100% correct on the inflatable?

Colour are always an approximation, a deviation of 10% is possible and acceptable. As inflatables are always viewed from a distance it is hardly ever an issue. If you want to ensure exact colour match you can request for a proof colour sample.

Do the colours fade when the inflatable is exposed to the sun for any length of time?

Due to UV protection colour fading is nearly nonexistent.

How is the artwork applied to the inflatable?

Most of the artwork is applied through digital printing and sometimes the artwork is air-brushed on. This really depends on the shape of the inflatable.

What is the power consumption of an inflatable?

In case of an internal blower, the power consumption will not be more than approximately 350 watts which is about the same as about 5 light bulbs.

How do I fix an inflatable so that it does not blow away?

When your inflatable is placed on grass, you can secure it with stakes. If you are going to place it on asphalt, it can be held down with sand bags, concrete blocks or other heavy items. Items such as benches, gates trees etc., are good typically not suggested anchor points.

The inflatable is not inflating properly; it is not properly erecting and topples a little.

It is most likely that there is a zipper open somewhere; check all zippers or velcro pockets. Also, check to ensure there are no obstructions in front of the blower including the fabric of the inflatable.

The inflatable looks very rounded and out of shape when we inflate it.

Probably a secondary zipper is not closed completely, so that air is pumped in between the first and second layer of the inflatable. Ensure the secondary zipper is properly closed.

Are inflatables suitable for in-store deployment?

Most definitely, inflatables are very useful for PoS/PoP. When using low sound blowers, the noise levels are negligible.

Where is the blower of an inflatable positioned?

Usually on the side of the inflatable. You can access the blower by opening the zipper.

What is the life span of an inflatable?

When a giant inflatable is well cared for and properly stored, it can last for 5-7 years.

Can an inflatable have any shape?

Nearly every shape is possible; of course you can ask staff members for advice. In case it is not possible to recreate the shape, the staff can help to realize an alternate inflatable solution.