Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing is a highly focused effort in a very short time, using media exposure to gain public attention, often with playful actions or a particular stunt. The costs are a fraction of the cost of conventional campaigns, and with more and more companies realizing this, we’re seeing more and more guerrilla marketing showing up in the mainstream. With the varying sizes (2 go 20 meters), Inflatables are a cost effective, in-your-face way to use this new form of marketing, and your intended audience won’t miss it. Inflatables are quick to install, standing fully within minutes; this is perfect when time is of the essence. And they’re equally quick to remove. The bonus is that because they’re such a curiosity, they draw story-searchers like TV news crews, radio station reporters, and professional bloggers. The cost is small and the reach is far.

Some good examples of guerrilla marketing style products are crowd balls, giant animals or characters, helium objects, and hard-body plastic product replicas.