Trade Shows

TMP International Ltd. supplies everything you need to give your trade show booth a striking appearance while still keeping things surprisingly affordable, whether you’re after a single section or a full booth. The advantages of an inflatable in comparison with a conventional stand are huge. For starters, an inflatable is simple and quick to set up- it only takes a few minutes to have it fully installed. It’s small to transport, and has a very minimal storage volume. The material is extremely durable; with proper care, your inflatable will last for years and years. And lets not forget the originality factor! There’s ample space to get creative with products that range from 2 to 20 meters high.

Some great examples of TMP inflatable trade show products are giant animals or characters, helium units, inflated domes, exhibition walls, costumes, giant product replicas, spheres, stands, kiosks, and tents.