Sports Inflatables

Our inflatables can be found at almost any sporting event, both indoors and out. Thanks to their unique properties, they’re great for contests, championships, games and award ceremonies. Their shape is fully customizable, and they range in size from 2 to 20 meters high. Their appearance can be made to focus on the specific event type, or can be customized to suit your brand or sport club’s image. And despite the often enormous size, the cost is surprisingly low for both production and purchase. It’s a cost effective way to add flair to large or international events. Our inflatables are very compact and light, so transportation is a breeze. And the setup is quick and easy- installation, which is only a 3 minute inflating process, and dismantling are both equally simple. They’re a great, cost effective way to get your brand message across, and one that is fully suited for the style of event.

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